A World View From Africa

The political systems of the world seems to make ordinary citizens account , while businesses and politicians not to account . These regions and continents are undergoing radically transitions in their own ways ; foreign policy , immigration , corruption and leadership . Politics and economics are fundamental in our societies

Edited By: Matsobane Ngwasheng

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Hanny Jabulani Morodi.

Jabulani Morodi is an assistant directional driller for Sasol Mining . I hold National Diploma in Information Technology majored in Software Development .I'm currently studying towards a B.Com degree in Economics . My view of things is that politics and economics affect each one of us , whether you take part in them or not . It helps to make our politicians account to us . When I looking at the world , politicians and armies got bolder in transgressing sovereignty of others countries. Injustices observed in the world , made have an interest in politics . I will decide where I play my role in future , whether in my country's politics , trade unions or in aid agencies . But I believe people with solutions my help the world .

The decision to write the book came after , I concluded that the world is too much with bad leaders , hate and war profiteering. I firmly hold the believe that Africa has role to play in solutions for Africa . Because solutions from the world won't help Africa , they are not ours. The same ideology goes for the Middle East . In the past the USA and England were seen in Africa ,as countries promoting democracy,equality and transparency. They killed their soft power in our minds , we seen them as liars , imperialist and war mongers . Their invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan under the pretext fighting terror and finding weapons of mass destruction , has made the world smaller and dangerous.

My studies in economics, observing world powers behavior in the world , corruption in governments,invasions of countries ,cruelty and greed of multinational businesses made me question a lot of things in the world and status-quo. The West and the world must tell us who does unnecessary wars benefits. What is the role of Africa ,South America and Asia in this world . They have taken the roles of being observers , who do nothing. Why. The relevance of UN ,ICC and other world bodies . I guess war world 3 is imminent in the Korean peninsula.

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