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Trout Secrets By A Trout Master

This book is a must have for anyone who fishes for trout. Michael Allan Spencley spent time with a trout master and captured all his knowledge into this fishing masterpiece. A life time of trout fishing experience is stuffed into this 120-page book. This book covers everything from what kind of bait to use, finding the right location, and even the best ways to clean and cook your bounty.

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  • Pages: 120
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Pure Comfort

PURE COMFORT was written by Michael Allan Spencley. The author has had an extensive career as a senior executive with several companies which afforded him the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the world. Spencley, who is a self-confessed foodie and wine enthusiast, took the time to investigate the best of food and wine in each region of the world that he travelled to. In this book, the author, a serious food hobbyist for over 40 years, fuses the knowledge gleaned through his travels with a combination of heirloom family cooking with a focus on true comfort food recipes that reward all the senses.

Using his culinary skills as a secret business tool, the author rewarded important clients with private dinners that he prepared in the intimacy of his own home. This provided these clients with a very special and unique gastronomic experience which resulted in multiple requests for his recipes. It is that collection of recipes that are contained in this book. The author takes a “the-best-of-the-best” approach with the influencing styles of French, Italian, and the regional USA flavors of Cajun & Southwestern as well as Canadian Heritage recipes; with a prerequisite that each dish is outstanding, unique and true comfort food.

The author begins with the “Flavor Vault”, his unique foundation of recipes for seasonings, sauces, Demi-Glaces and coatings. These essential roots are then used to sculpt and compose the flavors and textures of the various recipes in the book. PURE COMFORT contains a broad collection of recipes for appetizers, main courses, side dishes, salads, dressings, desserts, seasonings and condiments, each of which is bursting with flavor, outstanding and unique.The directions are well written, simple and easy to follow without diagrams or pictures as in the style of Julia Child. Special insights are shared so that the optimum results can be equally achieved by all food enthusiasts regardless of their level of culinary experience. Using a standard home range, whether electric or gas, and a simple barbeque grill will produce amazing results.

As both a wine enthusiast and an amateur wine maker, the author has traveled extensively through wine country in France, Italy, California, Washington, upper New York State, as well as Niagara, Kelowna and Prince Edward County in Canada. He recommends wine pairings for different courses that serve to optimize the culinary experience.

Apollo Publishing is proud to introduce the first edition of PURE COMFORT so that everyone can have access to Spencley’s experience, wisdom and advice on the mastery of International comfort food. In the author’s words “Comfort Food is the stuff of second helpings and plates being completely cleaned off!” That is exactly what the author has created with this book.

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  • Pages: 365
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Michael Allan Spencley

Mr. Spencley is Chairman of Michael A. Spencley International Consulting. His senior executive experience has included Chairman & CEO positions at National Traffic Safety Management Inc. Power One Solutions Inc. and Hudson Bay Technology Ltd.; and has held senior executive positions managing operating divisions with Continental Can Company, Allied Chemical, SKD Technologies, Tamco Ltd., Bendix Corporation.

As the principal shareholder, CEO and President of an OEM automotive parts company (Hudson Bay Technologies Ltd.), he led the company through an Initial Public Offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

In terms of corporate governance, he has served on the boards of both private and public companies. As a senior advisor, he has served as a board member on the Canadian Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association, served as a member of the General Motors Corporation Supplier Council, was on the Automotive Advisory Committee to the Ministry of Trade and Commerce for the Canadian Federal Government and is currently on the Executive Advisory Committee for Industry with The Economist.

Mr. Spencley is also an accomplished angler, artist, author, world traveler; and a food and wine enthusiast.

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