Big Mouth Herman

He was big and strong and beautifully colored, but when you tried to approach him, he was gone like a flash! What was the secret he was trying so desperately to keep, especially from a girl named Lola?

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Hannah's Pink World

Four year old Hannah Pace lived in a pink house at the edge of a forest of pink trees. Each morning she awoke in a pink bed. She ate her breakfast from a pink plate, and drank her milk from a pink glass. After dressing in a pink play suit and pink sandals, she was taken to her Nana's in a pink car. Would this be the day that Hannah's pink world turns black?

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The Dirty Lamb

Mason was dying to know what lay on the other side of the hill. He thought about it at night when he lay down to sleep. He thought about it during the day as he played with his best friend Carter. The forbidden hill seemed to call to him, "Come and see, come and see."

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Betty Keathley

Betty Higdon Keathley is a grandmother of five and a long time children's church teacher. Her gift of storytelling makes learning fun while teaching biblical principles to children. She is a graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature. She currently lives in Little Rock, Ar. with her husband Harry