College Mania Is a University the New Doctor ?

College Mania Is a University the New Doctor is about people think that a college degree is a real degree. In fact, the Doctorate is doing the goals of the college. In many ways, the full benefits of a college degree go to the P.h.D.. Also, the book has introductions to explain to the reader how the university degree become the new doctor.My book explores solutions as well as showing subject areas that prove the Doctor is the new college. The soultions inculde having college to nothing, getting rid of the bus child labor, and appreneitces

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  • Pages: 327
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 978-1-64084-142-0 ePub
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Joshua Flapan

I am a 34 freelance author from Boca Raton Florida. I have a bachelors degree in history from FAU., and currently, live with my parents. I have written the book, College Mania, to change education policy, and for people to know the real truth behind the college.

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